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SkyWay Transport facts | Service life of the string rail

The projected service life of the string rail is more than 100 years. Several technical solutions contributng to that, distinguish it from a conventional rail.

To begin with, let us we remind you that inside each string rail, there are several tens and even hundreds of high-strength cables placed in a protective shell and filled with an anti-corrosion compound. The bundle of cables is inside a steel rail filled with special concrete. All that helps to protect the strings from mechanical or atmospheric influences from the outside.

SkyWay Transport

The SkyWay flyover’s linear design is also arranged in such a way that heavy traffic on the rails increases the tension stress in the string by only 0.1-0.5%. That means that the most important element of the rail, the string, will remain in a virtually unchanged condition throughout its entire service life, which increases the service life of the rail, because deforming …

Skyway Transport

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